Masala film's plot is around the struggle of a couple Revan played by Girish Kulkarni and Sarika played by Amruta Subhash, who move from one plae place to the other in search of a small business to make some money and settle down in life. Revan tries to do selling the sarees door to door, convincing housewives about the quality.Later on when this business flops he sets up a small grocery shop and later sells essential items, riding on his bicycle. Finally, fed up with the increasing creditor's list, the couple land up in Solapur. With the help of his brother in law- kalyan and his wife ( Hrishikesk Joshi and Sneha Majgaonkar) they not only find shelter, but also see some hope of a business. Both work hard and prepare a recipe of fried Groundnuts using a coating of besan, mixed with spices. and started doing this business with brother in law. In the meanwhile, Revan is deputed by Kalyan to Pune, to show the reports of his little son to a ENT specialist, for his treatment of an ear injury. But, Revan takes a lift from wrong people driving a truck, He lands in Police lock up. However, due to the kindness of a local Businessman and his wife (Mohan Agashe and Jyoti Subahsh), he is rescued. The Businessman not only offers him shelter, but also employs him in his factory; after hearing his story. Revan works hard and plans big to start his own business one day.
Starting a business and running it successfully are two different things altogether. But if you keep your passion alive and learn from your mistakes, even fate will be forced to come by your side. This phenomenon is presented in Sandesh Kulkarnis Masala in a light hearted manner that produces plenty of smiles.
'Masala' is an inspiring tale, which sends across a strong message to those people in Maharashtra, not to be discouraged by failure in business. If you are honest and working hard, there is always someone to take note of your sincerity. The film has been shot at realistic outdoor locations at different district places in Maharashtra. It cleverly portrays the picture of a hard working common man in Maharashtra, who begins with small business, but aspires to start his own big business soon finally "If there's a will, there's a way".
As a writer, Girish Kulkarni continues from where he left in Deooool. He presents another subtle rural script that doesnt go overboard and involves the audience right from the onset. Although there is not much romance shown between the lead couple, the interactions and actions between them clearly indicate the deep love they share hence making the audience feel for them. Apart from this what keeps you entertained and provides humour is the inclusion of some interesting characters and incidents. The writer and directors (Sandesh Kulkarni) efforts are seen in the realism that is oozed from the proceedings in terms of the conversations and truly realistic performances. Things do become a bit slow in the latter part of the second half. However, the climax makes up for it as the conclusion of the tale will move as well as delight you.
Girish Kulkarni gets into the skin of his character wonderfully. His portrayal of Revan is sure to fetch him lots of appreciation. Amruta Subhash deserves similar applause for playing Revans wife with realism. Mohan Agashe (as businessman Mehta) and Dilip Prabhavalkar (as a scientist) once again prove why they are respected names in cinema. Girish Kulkarni 'ssubtle rhetoric and the ability to use ordinary things to put pertinent life choices into perspective is what possibly makes Girish one of the best writers in the industry. Even though he tells a simple tale, he effortlessly creates multiple layers and uses metaphor to bring out a depth to the story without sounding preachy or self-righteous. Hrishikesh Joshi and Sneha Majgaonkar play their part well while Dr Shreeram Lagoo excels in a cameo. Jyoti Subhash offers best support. Finally in Summary This is must watch movie and real piece of good work.